Civil society and experts pledge to accelerate efforts to end AIDS, TB and malaria epidemics

African civil society organisations (4-5 July 2013) and experts (8-9 July 2013) met ahead of the Special Summit of Heads of State and Government of the African Union and committed to providing sustained, well-coordinated and harmonised support for evidence-informed and rights based HIV and AIDS, TB and Malaria prevention, treatment, care and support policy and investment. They urged all stakeholders to ensure the implementation of the African Union Road Map on shared responsibility and global solidarity for AIDS, TB, and malaria response in Africa as well as strengthen accountability platforms already existing such as AIDS Watch Africa (AWA), the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) and African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) to facilitate monitoring and timely reporting on progress made in responding to the three diseases.

They pledged to accelerate efforts to end AIDS, TB and malaria epidemics and strive to achieve the Abuja, United Nations High Level Meeting (2011) and the MDG targets by 2015 and ensure that health is at the core of the post 2015 development agenda. Civil society and experts agreed to put prevention and treatment at the centre of the response to HIV and AIDS, TB and Malaria and other related infectious diseases, promote elimination and strengthen national prevention programs including leadership, coordination and evaluation.

The meetings noted the importance of improving the overall domestic resource base for health, by introducing innovative financing mechanisms such as health and development dedicated taxes, endowments, private sector engagement, social protection mechanisms and applying existing investment tools to improve the efficiency of health expenditure. In addition they pledged support in ensuring that various stakeholders including African governments contribute to the Global Fund replenishment efforts towards the $15 billion target.

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