Beijing Declaration of the Ministerial Forum of China-Africa Health Development

1. The Ministers in charge of health affairs in China and African countries, as well as Representatives from African Union, World Health Organization (WHO), UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNICEF, World Bank, Global Fund to Fight HIV / AIDS, TB and Malaria, and GAVI Alliance, in order to Fulfill the commitment of the Beijing Action Plan (2013-2015) All which was formulated and ADOPTED by the Fifth Ministerial Forum of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in 2012, puts it, on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the China Medical Team feels to the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, in Beijing in August 2013 for the Ministerial Forum of China-Africa Health Development.

2. Under the theme of “Priorities of China-Africa Cooperation Health in the New Era”, We Have reconnu health as a central element of China-Africa cooperation, and Its important role in Developing China-Africa relationship and friendship in Promoting Among our peoples. We acknowledge the spirit of partnership, principal of mutual benefit and the shared values ​​of the South-South cooperation. We also Reviewed previous health cooperation betweens China and Africa, Noted rapid development in recent years, and Held discussions and reached consensus on the Priorities and ways of health cooperation.

3. We express our appreciation for the significant contributions to the people’s health made ​​by China Medical Teams in Africa over the past 50 years, for China’s support to health infrastructure development and health human resources training. All efforts thesis Have Contributed to Promote overall health development in Africa.

4. We welcome the important role of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum in Facilitating health cooperation betweens China and Africa as a critical platform for collective dialogue and have effective mechanism for practical cooperation year. We are willing to make efforts to further Top Promote focus on health development issues under the framework of the Forum and Establish a monitoring and assessment mechanism, to Enhance the role of health cooperation in the new China-Africa strategic partnership All which shoulds be based on a sense of shared responsibility and solidarity in Responding global health challenges. to

5. We acknowledge the important role of health in social development. Health is the foundation for comprehensive development of humanity, and shoulds be Placed at the center of global social development. We Recognize the importance of domestic Increasing investment in health from national budgets to Promote sustainable health development. We call for the Increase of investment from international community to Actively Support and help African countries to accomplish achieve Their health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

6. We call for the prominent positioning of health and health-related issues in the post-2015 sustainable development agenda, Including Strengthening health systems. We shall continue to supporting the achievement of health-related targets in the MDGs, fully Recognizing the heavy burden on Developing Countries Caused by communicable and non-communicable diseases, and Promote universal coverage of health services delivery. We call for an urgent care to maternal and child health, and other health DEMANDS related to the development of Africa, and of promoting reproductive health services universally available. We call for the focus of international community to the quality, accessibility and affordability of health commodities in developing countries, and joined Measures to lower prices.

7. We call for cooperation to be Mobilized and tailored to supporting African Countries’ National Plans and Priorities, and to be guided by African continental Existing strategies and frameworks Including the Africa Health Strategy (2007 – 2015), the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan for Africa (PMPA) and Its Business Plan (2012), the African Union Road Map on Shared Responsibility and Global Solidarity for HIV / AIDS, TB and Malaria Response in Africa, the Campaign for Accelerated Reduction of Maternal, New Born and Child Mortality in Africa (CARMMA) Statement on the Addis African leadership for Child Survival-a Promise Renewed, to End Childhood Preventable Deaths in a Generation, and the Maputo Plan of Action on Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights.

8. We support the Reforms Conducted by WHO to Strengthen icts role in global health governance.

9. We reaffirm That Will China and Africa continues to Strengthen cooperation in the health sector. To this end, we will:

I.Make concerted efforts to Implement health-related issues in The Beijing Action Plan (2013-2015) ADOPTED by the Fifth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation.

Ⅱ Develop human resources for health. . Promote communication and cooperation betweens medical institutions in China and Africa, continues to offer scholarships from China to Africa and Establish Cooperation in key clinical disciplines. Promote cooperation betweens Establish medical schools and health cooperation in education and training and Strengthen institutions for management and regulation.

Ⅲ. Promote communication and cooperation betweens academic and research institutions in China and Africa, joined Establish research laboratories and ethical conduite in the medical field, and invites young scientists from Africa to China to carry out academic research and vice versa.

Ⅳ. Support African countries’ health policies, programs and research on universal health coverage, in Achieving sustainable, long-term health solutions, Including traditional medicine and Support Strengthening of health information systems.

Ⅴ. Support the prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases. Strengthen the expanded program on immunization (EPI) and the fight against vaccine preventable diseases.

VI. Discuss and carry out pilot projects attached Gradually, through international co-operation with Developing partners, in public health Including schistosomiasis and malaria prevention and control as well as on universal access to reproductive health care and universal access to HIV and TB prevention, care, treatment and Support .

Ⅶ. support health infrastructure development donating modulated Including easy-to-install General Practice clinics to Africa, Adapted to local conditions.

Ⅷ. Promote cooperation in standard setting and inspection of medical products through capacity building of human resources and use of appropriate technology and Increase access to quality health commodities.

Ⅸ. Support corporate cooperation betweens China and Africa, promotes health technology transfer to Reduce the price of health commodities Including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, vaccines and equipment, and Increase Their affordability.

Ⅹ. Further Strengthen coordination and mutual learning in supporting Including joined global health issues.

XI.Facilitate communication and cooperation betweens non-government organisms in the health sector. Through the platform of China-Africa Cooperation Forum, we will make efforts to seal Implement the “China-Africa friendly civil partnership level” including Non-Governmental health organisms.

10. We appreciate the meticulous preparation and thoughtful arrangements for the Forum by China, and anticipate more fruitful achievements and bigger Successes health in China-Africa cooperation. Declaration of Sino-African Ministerial Forum in Beijing on Health Development

1. The ministers of health of the People’s Republic of China and African countries as well as representatives of the African Union, the World Health Organization, UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNICEF, the World Bank, the Global Fund to fight against HIV / AIDS Fund, Tuberculosis and Malaria and GAVI, met in Beijing in August 2013 to implement the Beijing Action Plan (2013-2015 ), adopted by the 5th China-Africa Cooperation Forum Ministerial in 2012, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of sending the first Chinese medical team was chosen as the first destination the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria.

2. Under the theme “key Sino-African cooperation in health in a new era domain,” we recognized that health is key to Sino-African cooperation element, and plays an important role in the development of relations and strengthening ties friendship between the Chinese and African peoples. We recognize the spirit of partnership, the principle of common and the value of South-South cooperation interest. We reviewed the medical cooperation between China and Africa has grown rapidly in recent years, and have had discussions and have reached a consensus on the priorities and means of health cooperation.

3. We are grateful for the significant contributions made ​​in Africa by Chinese medical teams over the last fifty years to improve the health of populations. We appreciate the development of medical and health facilities, training of health professionals in China who have ensured the development of health in Africa.

4. We firmly believe that the Forum of China-Africa cooperation is an important platform and effective mechanism for dialogue between China and Africa. It plays an important role in promoting health cooperation. We are committed to make more efforts to promote health development as a forum to develop a monitoring and evaluation of actions to strengthen the role of health partnership in the new strategic relationship. Finally, we are committed to jointly address the health challenges and promote international solidarity.

5. We recognize that health plays an important role in social development. It is also the basis of integral human development. As such, it should be considered a priority for global social development. We recognize the importance of increasing domestic investment in the health of the national budget to promote sustainable health development. To do this, we invite the international community to increase its investments in the health sector to actively support African countries in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

6. We urge governments to give prominence to health issues in their programs beyond the year 2015, including the strengthening of the health system. We will continue to support the implementation of the health-related MDGs in the standards. We recognize that communicable diseases and chronic non-communicable diseases are a heavy burden on health in developing countries. So, will we ensure equitable universal health coverage. We ask the international community to pay special attention to maternal and child health and promote reproductive health. We urge the international community for more efforts to promote the accessibility and acceptability of pharmaceuticals in developing countries and to take measures to reduce costs.

7. We hope that the Sino-African cooperation in health is integrated into existing national strategies and planning health of African countries including African Health Planning (2007 – 2018), manufacturing planning and African Drug Action and its business plan ( 2012), shared responsibility and overall situation of African countries against HIV / AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, efforts to accelerate the reduction of maternal and neonatal mortality in Africa, Addis statement for a renewed commitment to the survival and the prevention of infant mortality and Maputo Plan of Action for the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

8. We support the reforms undertaken by the World Health Organization (WHO) to strengthen its key role in health governance in the world.

9. We reaffirm that China and Africa will continue to deepen cooperation in the field of health. To do this, we will:

I. To jointly run the contents of the “Beijing Action Plan (2013-2015)” at the Fifth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation.

II. Develop health human resources. Promote exchange and cooperation between academic institutions and institutions of Sino-African research continue to provide scholarships to Africa and to establish cooperation programs in key clinical areas. Promote cooperation between medical schools and establish cooperation in training and education, and strengthen the institutions of management and regulation.

III. Promote exchange and cooperation, including traditional medicine, between academic and research institutions in Africa and China, create joint research laboratories and ethical conduct in the field of health and invite young African scientists to engage in research in China and vice versa.

IV. Support policies, programs and research to universal health coverage in order to achieve sustainable health and long-term development, and support the development of health information systems, especially for births and deaths.

V . Support prevention and the fight against communicable and noncommunicable diseases. Strengthen the Expanded Immunization Program and the fight against preventable diseases through vaccination.

VI. Discuss and gradually conduct pilot projects and joint through international cooperation with partners in developing public health, including the prevention and control of schistosomiasis and malaria, as well as universal access to care of reproductive health and universal access to prevention, care, treatment and support of HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis.

VII. China will provide Africa Health modular structures, adapted to African realities.

VIII. Promote cooperation between China and Africa in the field of standards and pharmaceutical control by building the capacity of human resources and the use of appropriate technologies and increase the accessibility of high quality pharmaceutical products.

IX. Support cooperation between Chinese and African enterprises, encourage the transfer of health technologies to lower price of health products, including pharmaceuticals, medicines, vaccines and equipment to increase their availability.

X. Further strengthen harmonization and bilateral support, including joint learning in the health fields.

XI. Promote exchange and cooperation between non-governmental organizations in the health sector. Both parties in the forum of Sino African cooperation will jointly practice common non-governmental draft Sino-African partnership, including cooperative projects nongovernmental health.

10. We, the Ministers and officials in charge of the health of African countries, express our gratitude to the People’s Republic of China for the excellent organization of this forum, and wish the most fruitful achievements and greater success in health cooperation Sino-African.


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