Africa’s five priorities for AIDS, TB and Malaria 2014-2017-A Snapshot of AU’s Strategic Directions on AIDS, TB and Malaria

By AIDS Watch Africa

Global attention has focused much attention and resources on the big three– AIDs, Malaria and Tuberculosis which have been a major challenge in Africa. These three epidemics continue to claim millions of lives in Africa and represent a continuing global threat. Therefore Africa and its partners should commit to scaling up investments made in the responses to AIDS, TB and Malaria:

– More African countries should meet their Abuja commitment to allocate 15% of public expenditures to health, and most importantly, African countries should increase domestic investments and diversify funding sources, including through innovative financing.

– The G8 is called upon to allocate at least 0.7% of gross national income (GNI) to official development assistance.

-Emphasis will be placed on accelerating implementation of the Africa Health Strategy, the Abuja ―Call and the promotion and Result Delivery & Accountability on Universal Access to HIV/AIDS, TB, MNCH & Malaria services.

-Support will also be provided to enhance the training and capacity building in medical and health sciences.

-An important emphasis will be placed on advocacy towards Member States to increase national budget allocations to health, and to address the rising tide of chronic non-communicable diseases linked to urbanization and lifestyle changes.

Africa is moving -The Abuja Declarations, AIDS Watch Africa, The Global Fund, Stop TB Partnership, African Leaders’ Malaria Alliance, the Roll Back Malaria Partnership all point to strong political commitment.

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